My name is Michael Hohl and i am teaching Design Theory and History at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Dessau, Germany. I am based in the Design Department, not Computer Sciences, though sometimes it feels like it.

I am interested in the experiential qualities of immersive telematic environments especially in those that create experiences of global awareness, holistic overview or feeling of interconnectedness. In a broader sense my research is about how technology changes us as people, how we make sense of the world, and about consciousness.

Additionally I am supervising Ph.D. candidates and conduct workshops and seminars about practice-led research in art & design, especially regarding appropriate methods and methodologies, at different European universities.

Here my personal Research pages. There you may read about my research, my pedagogic approach and the conferences and seminars i visit or organise. I am a peer-reviewer for Kybernetes, IADIS, DRS and several other publications or conferences.

(If you are looking for vagaries such as Ham & Eggs this is the place to look.)

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*In case your are curious what "Hohlwelt" means. It is the German term for the "hollow earth theory" and also the title of a book by Rudy Rucker.

  • Interactive Environments Research
    exploring experiential qualities of interactive environments at the Arts and Design Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University.

  • Sound Practice, 2001
    a QTVR of Dartington Hall.
    I presented 'bits n people" at the Sound Practice conference in Dartington, UK.

  • interface to go
    A concept for an exhibition hallway, narrow, with a low ceiling.
    Bjoern and me were sketching a typographical project, involving bitmap-tracking, a video projector ... as ususal.
    It is from 1999 - and still quite cool.

  • Bits'n People
    Bjoern Barnekow and me tried this: activities (noise, motion (People) and computer/network (Bits)) in our classroom are triggered and converted into an installation of light and sound, that could be perceived in our hallway as well as on the web.
    This is a live sonification tool!

  • radiomap
    select web-radiostations on a photorealistic global map. Traceroutes are displayed.
    screenshot only!

  • Gestaltungsempfehlungen für Webprojekte
    (German only)

  • 'lectronic dreams
    sixcon - a webproject from the class of Prof. Rotraut Pape. This project was made for Netscape 2.0. It exploited some of the faults in the browser to create an animated Title text and used the - then quite spooky - "Talker Plugin", so the pages spoke in different voices.
    Simple animation effects were created with the lowsrc Tag. Yep, those were the days ...

  • In Search of Lost Times
    A little sketch from 1997, almost a blueprint for "Earth Globe" from Gary C. Martin.

  • A word about Java ...
    A late nights idea in 1996
    for Netscape 2.0

  • Plateau
    A VRML 2.0 Navigational Metaphor for the city.scope image archive: QTVRs, Panorama images of 180° and 360° of Berlin. (I never got it working because i couldn't excite anybody to do the Java)

  • 6x6x6
    The 6x6x6 dither free colour cube to choose the right tie.

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