"Bits'nPeople" interactive installation

"Real live" objects have attributes that artificial ones don't: A tree, a leaf from a tree, tell the state they are in. A car does the same. Yet its sounds are specifically "designed".

With a certain experience you can "read" and interprete these signals. They tell you something. "bits'n people" is the idea to treat a room, our classroom, as a blackbox and to document the state of the class as an audible, dynamic and living "sculpure". After a while it should be possible to distinguish wether people were present, moving around or talking. If the Network was active, if the printer was in use or wether there's a presentation going on, simply by listening to the sounds in the hallway and/or watching the colourplay on the wall.

Bjoern and me decided that the object the visual operations where performed on, should be a metaphor of our homepage. A representation of our class. A number of horizontal lines. The soundscape should offer a clear and significant distinction between "bitssounds" and "peoplessounds".

At the same time, the same actions should be performed with the metaphor/homepage itsself. Motion, Soundlevel and certain computer/network activities are converted into a shockwave loop.

"Bits'n People" has been presented occasionally. Last Time at the "Sound Practice Conference 2001" at Dartington Hall, UK.

Thanks to Mina Hagedorn and Bill Gaver for inspiration!

URL: http://hohlwelt.com/bitsnpeople.html
Updated: March, 05, 2002