Sound Practice From the 16.-20 of February 2001 i was at Dartington Hall, Dartington, Devon Uk visiting the Sound Practice Conference.
There i presented "bits 'n people'.
It was really funny, as i am a 'digital' discovering sound - and they are soundpeople discovering the digital realm.

dartington hall, devon, uk (well, half of it)

It retrospect it is important to say that visiting Sound Practice at Dartington was an event that had a very lasting influence upon my notion towards sound. Meeting Pauline Oliveros, Hildegard Westerkamp, Kohji Setoh changed my notion towards sound and media, and espescially to listening. My perception changed considerably. This wasn't an overnight effect, but a gradual, step-by-step process - also influencing my idea about interfaces.
This may be best understood in combination with David Toops Haunted Weather.
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