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This is still alpha!

Look outside, its Summer Winter!
Don't forget to turn off your computer and go OUTSIDE!
    We are currently developing a new version as an interactive environment; with a webbased interface to submit stations. Traceroutes will be working and the content sensitive interface is excellent.

    Its as simple as it looks like:
    You open "radiomap", and scroll with the crosshairs over a current image of the earth surface (images from You select a radio station and while your Browser is contacting the server you see a line developing over certain servers to your location.
    Radiomap is traceing the route the IP-packets take. (the hops are reduced to approximatly five)

    Radiomap is meant to be "content sensitve", that means: The number of radio-"broadcasters" on the net is rising and soon the whole of them wont be displayable on a grabable map, any more. You select the kind of music you want to listen to ("Jazz", "News" or "Classic" etc.) and radiomap is "sensitive" to your choice.

    If Broadcaster would submit a "meta" signal like "RDS", one could imagine to scan the net for certain content, like: "News in Canonese", "everything about Madonna", etc.

    I received a lot of feedback for radiomap. Thanks everybody for your contributions. Right now Stephan Huber (well, and me) are working on a shockwaved version of radiomap, that should have the most rudimentary function to play radio.
    Stephan is fantastic. He is fiddling with shockwave, mysql/php, realbaisc and C++ i suppose to get this working.
    I am afraid i could not do this without him. Stephan, thanks for you support!

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