Sixcon ...

  • exists everywere sometime in the future.
  • is without expansion and omnipresent.
  • is an electronic skin, an universal prothesis
  • is inhibited by all humankind,
    except sects.
  • rejected meatspace for it's limitedness, (how else would you feel by having all those extensions of yourself in the orbit, under the sea - everywhere? You can see the sunwinds, perceive the stars in all their spectral range, and beyond.
    is anarchic
  • everyone is immortal
  • has survived national boundaries
  • distingwishes not between the living and the dead.
  • you remain as pattern, ghost and voice.
  • has no day or night
  • has no seasons
  • where perhaps the moon and tidal changes have an influence on its appearance.
  • where population stagnates.
  • where one can assemble and reasamble ones own DNS (if still existing)
  • where myths about God on the Net and strange occurances
  • where supersigns and complexity build an own "intelligence"
  • where one meets echos and shadows of oneself
  • where new breads of addictions will exist.
  • rears curiosity for "secret" and unknown places, inhibited by an unknown species
  • where murder, suicide and all the impossible can be simulated (over and over and over again)

    Those sublime pleasures of meatspace are just a myth for some. But others doubt ...

    What is that legendary meatspace? What is worth so much, that one jacks out? And if so, what is it like? Please, tell us all about it.

    Thanks for your support.

    The message from the Future